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Three down, one to go …

08/05/2013 by admin

It’s amazing how fast this project is going; we have completed the first 3 situations and in just over a week will begin the fourth, which is also the final situation for this funding period. Since we began preparing for the situations, we have learned a lot – about the topics we’ve been working with as well as the technologies and processes – and this learning will feed into the fourth situation. View the pictures →

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Eindhoven Reflections

25/04/2013 by admin

This was my first visit to Eindhoven; I discovered a compact, walkable, friendly city, much influenced by the 100+ years of Philips, the electronics giant which began here as a small lightbulb factory in 1891. Half of the city seems to have been built by Philips – even the library where our “situation” took place is located in a former Philips factory, affectionately known by the locals as “the white lady”. View the pictures →

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Preparing for Nantes

The other day I watched a 25-minute video about taking apart & recycling a Boeing 747 airplane; the movie is Hollywood style, with plenty of dramatic music & quoting lots of numbers – how heavy things are, how much money more »

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Digesting the London Situation

I am back in Munich, fighting off a cold and slowly digesting the first situation after a very intense week in London. I am tired but satisfied, energised by the people and the process, and inspired to improve on things more »

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2nd day in London!

we are about to start day 2 of the workshop here in london so i thought i would send you all a quick update about how it's going, for those of you who aren't here with us. things are going more »